Plume Of Feathers White Wine List


Crondall, PennCroft, Bacchus, Hampshire, 2020 G

Mineral and juicy stone fruit tones with a dry finish.

Btl;£42.00   175ml;£8.00  250ml;£10.50


Crondall, Penncroft, ‘Pressed’, Hampshire 2022 G

Soft, crisp & fruity, with a dry finish the Bacchus Junior.

Btl;£28.95  175ml; £6.95  250ml; £9.50


Pic Poul de Pinet, Languedoc, France, 2020 G

Sustainably grown & produced, Lightly acidic with citrus fruit aromas & a crisp dry finish.

Great with Fish & Cheese

Btl; £27.50  175ml; £7.00 250ml; £9.25


Onoko Bay, Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand, 2020 G    (V)

Marlborough estate. Tropical fruit flavours with a clean and crisp acid finish

Btl; £26.95  175ml; £7.00  250ml; £9.00 


La Chablisienne , Petit Chablis, France, 2020 G

Fresh unadulterated Chardonnay grape with great flavour and a long finish

Btl; £42.00 175ml; £9.50  250ml; £12.25


 Alamanda, Pinot Grigio, Italy, 2021 G

Classic Pinot with a light, dry flavour

Btl ; £24.50  175ml; £6.10 250ml ; £8.00


 Rose Wines


 Allamanda, Pinot Grigio, Italy, 2020 G

Fresh, dry and crammed with summer fruit flavours

Btl; £24.50 175ml; £6.10 250ml; £8.00


Pasquiers , France, 2020 G

Salmon pink with ripe red berry fruit and a dry finish

Btl; £26.95 175ml; £7.50 250ml; £9.50



Sparkling & Champagne


 Prosecco Brut, Italy G

Btl ;£24.95 125ml ; £5.75


Crondall. Penncroft ‘Village’ English Sparkling, 2023

Btl ; £54.95


Testulat, Champagne Carte d’Or, France nv










Plume of Feathers Red Wine List


I Muri, Primitivo, Puglia, Italy, 2020 G

Light in tannin with intense ripe red cherry fruit and pleasant spicy notes

Btl; £29.95 175ml; £7.50 250ml; £9.50


Santa Alba, Pinot Noir, Chile, 2022 G

Cherries & Wild Berries with a note of cinnamon & a dark chocolate finish, light & easy to drink.

Btl; £26.95 175ml; £7.00 250ml; £8.95


Vista Sierra, Malbec, Argentina, 2020 G

Delicious crimson wine with plum raspberry and vanilla, aged in French oak barrels

Btl; £26.95 175ml; £7.00 250ml; £8.95


Norte Chico, Merlot, Chile, 2020 G

Intense ruby red, medium bodied, with an aroma of ripe berries

Btl ; £24.50 175ml ; £6.10 250ml ; £8.00


Languedoc, Gavelot, Carignan 2022 G

With notes of Raspberry & dried Cranberries, with a soft spicy finish. Great with Curries & bold dishes

Btl ;£28.95 175ml; £7.95 250ml; £9.20


Les Coteaux, Cote du Rhone Villages, France, 2020

Rich and voluptuous in flavour, plump ripe fruits and a lingering finish

Bottle only; £34.95